The vacation house is located in a summer village named Skogsborg. Skogsborg is about 2 km from Kyrkesund which is an old little fishermans village and is situated at the western part of the island of Tjörn. The area of Skogsborg is a very calm little village suitable for a family of 4 persons and gives many opportunities to recreation such us bathing and many activities around the unique island of Tjörn. The house has one living room, 2 sleeping room, one with a double bed and one with a 2 stored bed (a bed in 2 flats). The kitchen is equipped with cold and varm water, a stove, refrigerator with a freezer. The toilet part is equipped with a water closet, washstand, shower and a small washing-machine. A terracy in wood is build-up in front of the house westward. There is also a small grill place. The house is located near a commen area, a mounain scenary, from which you have a wonderful view over the swedish coastline. In clear sky you can view the castle of Marstrand in south and the light house Måseskär in north west.
There is also a little guest house with the area of 10 squaremeters where two persons can sleep over. It is equipped with electricity, stove and cold water

Infarten till Skogsborg 121 Bilden tagen från berget i väster Från gräsmattan i Öster Från tomtgränsen mot väster Vedförråd
Infarten Mot Sydväst Mot nordost Lillstuga och Storstuga Vedförråd

Vardagsrum med braskamin Sittgrupp Köksdelen
Vardagsrum med braskamin Vardagsrum med sittgrupp Köksdelen